BUILD Modular Shelving

BUILD Modular Shelving

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100% recyclable, allergy friendly, emission free, toxic free

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BUILD is a lightweight modular shelving system based on a single geometric unit. The versatile blocks can be stacked up to suit a wide range of functions – from shelves to partitions. Freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs. The individual blocks can also double as boxes or stools.

BUILD is made from materials that are nontoxic, VOC-free, allergy friendly, and 100% recyclable. A system can be installed and reconfigured in minutes – no instructions or tools needed. You can extend the system over time, as your requirements change.

Modular & Multifunctional

A flexible and durable system, BUILD works in the following environments: Retail: shelving, product displays, wall cladding.

Office: shelving and partitioning, recreation area, frequent workplace re-designs and co-working spaces.

Exhibitions & Fairs: booths, product displays, storage, seating.

Special: ideal for pop-up stores and whatever else your creative mind can think up.